Graphic Designer and Illustrator

About Me

I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator that resides in the greater Los Angeles area. I currently work full-time as a graphic artist at Crystal Art Gallery. I have been designing professionally since 2007. I push myself each day to be a better artist and person.

Skills and Software Knowledge

Hand Drawn

I have advance hand drawing skills with a great understanding of human anatomy and perspective. I also know how to use traditional mediums such as acrylic paints and watercolors.


I am an expert Adobe Photoshop user. I can create detailed digital paintings and photo manipulate images. I also use Photoshop for promotional designs.


I am an proficient Adobe Illustrator user. I can create logos, icons, and illustrations. I also use Illustrator for small promotional layouts and T-Shirt designs.


I have basic knowledge of InDesign. I mainly use this software for creating complex graphical layouts of text and images.


I have basic knowledge of WordPress. I've designed this site using WordPress and Elementor.

Professional Work

I would like to consider myself a highly flexible artist that can create design in any style, from complex typography to detailed illustrations. This is a small collection of my favorite pieces from my personal career as a designer. Enjoy!

Personal Work

Here is a small collection of personal artwork that I have created over the years. This range from original character designs to fan art.

Contact Me

You can call, e-mail or send me a message at the following contact information.

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