Professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator

About Me

I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator that resides in the greater Los Angeles area. I currently work full-time as a graphic artist at Crystal Art Gallery. In my spare time I run my small business called Dream Pigment in which I sell original mermaid art prints and T-shirt designs. Visit my business website at the link below.

Skills and Software Knowledge

Hand Drawn

I have advance hand drawing skills with a great understanding of human anatomy and perspective. I also know how to use traditional mediums such as acrylic paints and watercolors.


I am an expert Adobe Photoshop user. I can create detailed digital paintings and photo manipulate images. I also use Photoshop for promotional designs.


I am an proficient Adobe Illustrator user. I can create logos, icons, and illustrations. I also use Illustrator for small promotional layouts and T-Shirt designs.


I have basic knowledge of InDesign. I mainly use this software for creating complex graphical layouts of text and images.


I have basic knowledge of WordPress. I've designed this site using WordPress and Elementor.

Professional Work

Crystal Art Gallery

I current work here as a graphic artist. I design wall and home decor for many of the company’s accounts which include, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Kirkland’s, At Home, Dollar Tree, Ross, and many more. 

Logos Two

I was a fulltime graphic designer at Logos Two from 2011 to 2015. These are some of my favorite pieces over the years. 

Custom Logos

Here are some of the most recent logo designs that I have created for various small businesses. All images have been created using Adobe Illustrator. I’ve also included the logo for my small wall art and T-Shirt business. 

RLR Advertising

I used to do in house freelance work at RLR Advertising. Here are a few pieces from 2007 – 2008

Personal Work

Original Digital Paintings

I love painting original character designs in Adobe Photoshop. Here are some of my favorite illustrations over the years. 

Fan Art Digital Paintings

I am a big fan of comic books and video games. Here are some of my fan art pieces.

Contact Me

You can call, e-mail or send me a message at the following contact information.

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